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Elevator man, winter is coming, are you ok?

Publish: 2016-12-20 14:22:03
    Eleven has passed, the field of crops also received almost. Autumn is near the end of winter, the installation workers struggle in the forefront of the elevator, you fortunately?

With the temperature drop, in this, remind everyone, pay attention to warm, timely Tim clothes. The progress and development of society, Chinese powerful family and the future, the passions, have established a prerequisite for a good body in your society, need you, your country needs you, your family and colleagues, we lift circles, all need you, so, we must pay attention to the body, warm work to do.

Below, I want to talk about some winter installation. It is safety, security, and safety aspects of things, do not underestimate the safety, don't careless, but do not feel luck, because behind every chance, they will be accompanied by an unexpected, often unexpected, so it is perhaps a fresh life.

If winter comes, our living conditions have much bitter, everyone is very clear, do not have to say, that the more sad. Is the snow, the scene is not good, the road is bumpy, the board nails are everywhere, but the buried under the snow, so sometimes can not see, accidentally pierced the foot, not to delay, but also suffer suffer, so we must wear winter prick proof shoes, some. There is snow pavement sliding, sliding scaffolding, car top slide, car bottom slide, which is smooth, non slip shoes effect for us, not so significant, so only our own Caution!, steady, don't panic. Outside unpacking carry things, carry the guide, we must slow down, the winter body is very stiff, if flawed, inattentive, fracture is unavoidable.

The most important is in the hoistway, scaffolding safety belt must be good, work platform must be wide, hole accident can not lose the injured in the sinews or bones so simple, is life. No hand foot platform is wide enough, okay, but we must be a head protection, head guard way, and hanging safety belt, I know a lot of people think that trouble, I think so, can believe they have the ability to protect themselves, reaction speed is very sensitive, but your colleagues. And everyone is a trench fighting brothers, the way you do, must be an example for others, must be strict with their safety awareness of this one. Certain。 A lot of details on things, a half will not think so full, in short, is to pay attention to safety, must pay attention to safety. It left their homes to make money, money must go home in peace. In nagging, safety, we must pay attention to safety, safety is no trivial matter, the winter should pay more attention.

Finally, I wish you all good health, peace and happiness, the new year can bring the money earned a year to bring home, to all elevator people salute.