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Simple lifting products
The garage can be arranged with four or three parking spaces on the upper, middle and lower floors. The three or two parking spaces on the middle and lower floors are in the pit. The upper parking spaces are level with the ground. The upper floors can be accessed directly by vehicles, and the middle and lower parking spaces can be accessed after being raised. Vehicles. Multiple groups can be arranged in parallel. This type of product has the advantages of anti-roofing, anti-collision, overload protection, motor no-load starting, energy saving and consumption reduction, and low noise.

1. There are only two movements of lifting, low transmission and maintenance requirements, and low failure rate.
2. Low equipment cost and low maintenance cost.
3. It adopts various control methods such as buttons, which is easy to operate and quick to install. Applicable occasions are mostly suitable for private residences, residential communities, enterprises and institutions, etc.