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Industry 4 impact on the elevator manufacturing industry will bring

Publish: 2016-12-19 14:20:02
    For some time, industry 4 has become a hot topic in people's lives. What the hell is it? Believe that many people do not know. I did not go to watch the industry fair before I also lost. November 2nd, in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center, China International Industrial Fair, I finally opened eyes. At the same time, the German industrial 4; American industrial manufacturing China Internet; 2025, have a relatively clear understanding of the original name, the essence is the same thing.

Always know knowledge is always from the shallower to the deeper, or the first to popularize the days and months multiplying, three concepts.

Industrial 1, known as mechanization, is a steam engine as a symbol, with steam powered machine to replace manpower. Since then handicraft industry separated from agriculture, officially evolved into industrial.

Industry 2, known as electrification, is a widespread application of electricity as a symbol of electricity driven machine to replace steam power. Since then parts production and product assembly to achieve division of labor, industry into the era of mass production.

3 industry, called automation, is based on PLC (programmable logic controller) and the application of PC as a symbol, not only from the machine over the most physical labor, and also took part of mental labor, industrial production capacity is now beyond human consumption ability, the human race has entered the era of excess capacity.

Industrial 4 called intelligent, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent products, big data cloud computing as a sign. The whole industrial 4 process is the process of automation and information integration, but also the process of redefining the world with software. In the future multiverse will become a reality in the virtual world, a real world will correspond to numerous virtual worlds. Change the real world, the virtual world will change; change the virtual world, the real world will change. Everything is based on the precise control of data, most of the human labor and mental labor will be replaced by machines and artificial intelligence, all the current principles of economics will no longer try.

What is intelligent manufacturing? We can look back, industrial 2 solved the problem of mass production, industrial 3 is the automation and information technology into large-scale industrial production. It brings two obvious benefits: first, the mass production in the original possible quality problems (ie, substandard products) greatly reduced, thereby improving the quality. Second, because the information technology investment into the scale of industrial production, to achieve the cost of control. But industrial 3 solved the quality and cost of the two major problems, bringing a new problem is the lack of flexibility in production. What is flexible? Only large-scale without customization. The higher the level of automation of a production line, the worse its flexibility. And intelligent manufacturing is to achieve flexible flexible control costs. Customized can do difference, I believe we all like. But in the industrial 3 era can not be achieved. From manufacturing to intelligence is actually a flexible process. Industry 4 can achieve and complete the transformation of this process. Shows that it is a process of continuous innovation evolution.

Look at the situation of the elevator industry, the arrival of industrial 4 which impact it.

It must be admitted that the development of the elevator, every technological progress is due to (external) industrial revolution brought innovation results into the application of new elevator technology. For example, without the advent of IGBT there will be no WWWF elevator was born. Again, the development and application of rare earth materials (no neodymium neodymium iron boron magnet was first used in aero engine), not today's elevator gearless permanent magnet motor (PM) has small lift (small room, machineroomless).

As we all know, as a manufacturing plant, it exists only two purposes, the production of products, sales of products. So in industrial enterprises are usually divided into two major departments, one is a production department, business department (including marketing), the former by MES (Manufacturing Execution System) management, the latter through the ERP (Management Information System) to manage.

So far, the elevator industry is relatively independent in the application of the two systems (some only developed a system such as ERP, some factories only stay in the industry, this is the 2 state) because of the development and use of MES and ERP is usually the two dial. Even if two systems have been developed, they can not be effectively linked (connected up there, but not much. I only know Shanghai MITSUBISHI. Therefore, the objective to evaluate the elevator industry, is still in the industrial 3 era, far from the industrial 4.

Knowledge must continue to charge in order to advance with the times, otherwise easy to be eliminated. This is because the "revolution" is "innovate", even as "reborn". Every revolution brings about conceptual change and social progress (as did the industrial revolution). And as the revolution torrent coerced and forced the stride forward pace of a timid and conservative man ". Of course, in the surging trend of change in the situation of competition, is the active or passive coping, coerced all his fortune.

I believe that in the industrial 4 era comes everyone will have their own thinking