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Gorgeous and top-grade technology
XY.FUJI escalator surpasses your desires! It is widely applicable for large passenger flow area such as the shopping center, supermarket, subway, airport etc. It adds a bright and flowing scene for your building.
The prior use of VVVF variable frequency technology, research fruits of man-machine engineering and the advanced manufacture technology bring about the more perfectly safe and comfortable XY.FUJI escalator. Meanwhile it results in the more convenient energy-saving and repair to vast users.

Optimized design,saves the space
Minimum span size greatly saves the occupiec space.
The compact pit depth design brings anout a freer construction layout.

Effective transmission,variable frequency energy-saving
Compared with the traditional worm gear decelerator, precise and effective helical gear decelerator is more effective. It fully guarantees the efficient energy utilization.In variable frequency operation, it multiply detects the passenger flow. It automatically stops when nobody uses the elevator. It thus avoids invalid running and saves electric power.
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