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Roadway stacking products
The three-dimensional garage of roadway stacking is a kind of automatic intelligent mechanical parking equipment. It can be arranged on the ground or underground according to the characteristics of the site and parking requirements. With high degree of automation, it is widely used in shopping malls, hospitals, scenic spots, enterprises and institutions, and large public parking lots. A series of safety detection systems such as stable and efficient stacking methods, advanced exchange technology, super long and super high vehicles make the whole process safe, reliable, fast and convenient.

1. Arrangement: flexible arrangement, entrances and exits can be at the top, middle or bottom.
2. Intelligent management: Set up a variety of entrances and exits based on the actual environment to facilitate vehicle entry and exit; people can leave after the vehicle is parked at the entrance and exit of the garage. It can be connected to the license plate recognition system and toll management system functions.
3. Safety: The system can automatically identify the personnel in the warehouse, and the system can be started when there is no one, which is safe and reliable.
4. Green and environmental protection: It can be designed as a separate building with steel structure, or it can be integrated with the building, which is both practical and beautiful to enhance the taste and value of the building.
5. The touch screen configuration control is adopted, which can monitor the operation of the garage in an all-round way.