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How to develop elevator steel structure well size

Publish: 2016-12-21 14:24:03
    The hoistway dimensions of the elevator steel structure shall be determined prior to installation. Moreover, the size of each elevator steel structure wells are not the same, according to the actual situation needs to be investigated on-site. Generally speaking, the elevator steel structure well size can be divided into two cases, one is the overall structure, the other is the local structure.

The overall structure of the elevator shaft of the steel structure is steel structure, according to the main girder spacing, the specific location of the elevator shaft, the elevator shaft size requirements, concrete foundation to determine the size of the bottom beam. The main dimension is based on the elevator hoistway size requirements, according to the basic beam, the main structure of the appropriate amplification of the beam.

If you are alone for the steel structure well elevator production, it directly according to the elevator hoistway size selection of H steel or square wells according to size design, but pay attention to whether there is the pit foundation structure column, some words can be properly enlarged.

Of course, with the elevator manufacturers and is also very important, a lot of basic data, the well width deep pit depth, top height, door size, size of gate stack frame, and a guide rail bracket beam arrangement size etc., require manufacturers to provide different manufacturers, different types and different specifications, details of the requirements are not the same. It was important that the details of cooperation.

Then, determine the main frame size, the next step is to determine the best specific manufacturers, manufacturers involved in the design, parameters and provide advice, weighing reserved and so on, details need to set specific manufacturers is very important, with the latter.