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Vertical lifting products
Vertical lifting garages are suitable for high-rise, super-high-rise, narrow and long land side access garages. This type of equipment uses comb tooth exchange technology to realize the vertical movement of the car through a fixed-position elevator, and the parking layer is transported to the lifting channel by lateral movement. The entrance and exit layer is transported to the entrance and exit by the horizontal moving carrier to realize the horizontal plane movement of the car, so as to realize the purpose of accessing the car.

1. It occupies a small area and has a large vehicle capacity, which greatly improves the land use rate.
2. Arrangement: flexible arrangement, can be on the whole ground or under the ground. The entrance and the parking space can be 90 degrees or 180 degrees.
3. Highly intelligent, the whole machine PLC control system and a complete set of parking detection and guidance system, safety protection system, automatic fire protection system and other components.
4. Intelligent management: all the cars are driven forward, no reversing or U-turning is required; after the cars are parked at the entrance and exit of the garage, people can leave. It can be connected to the license plate recognition system and toll management system functions.
5. Security: The system can automatically identify the personnel in the garage, and the system can be started when there is no one. It is safe and reliable, and monitors the garage in all directions.
6. Green and environmental protection: It can be designed as a separate building with steel structure, or it can be integrated with the building, which is both practical and beautiful to enhance the taste and value of the building.
7. The touch screen configuration control is adopted, which can monitor the operation of the garage in an all-round way.