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Lifting and transversal products
This type of equipment is a semi-automated garage. The layout is divided into above ground, underground and positive and negative superposition. The drive type is divided into motor drive and hydraulic drive. The hydraulic drive can realize the layout of negative 3 + 15 layers, hydraulic full protection, and the running speed can reach 28m/min, energy saving and consumption reduction, low noise, low use cost, and low maintenance cost.

1. Modular design, the number of parking spaces can be used from a few to thousands. It can be used in ground and underground parking lots, and it can also be designed as a semi-underground form with flexible usage.
2. Make full use of space and increase the number of parking lots by several times.
3. Serialized and standardized design, reasonable structure, multiple protection devices, safe and reliable.
4. The layout is flexible and the combination is convenient. Various types can be used to form a large parking lot.
5. Strong adaptability, can be built on the ground and underground, can be used as 2-6 floors, and can be combined with a variety of units, both single-row and rear-row.
6. The operation mode can be freely selected: button type, swiping type.
7. The safety factor is large. The system has the following safety devices: anti-falling device, emergency stop button, overrun protection device, front photoelectric switch, over-high alarm device, etc.