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What are the main procedures for the installation of elevators?

Publish: 2016-12-18 14:17:11
    Existing residential elevator should be carried out according to law, in the owners brewing, consultation and consensus on the basis of the main work procedures include:

(a) application in writing. With implementation of the main conditions to install residential area (city) government designated the lead department to submit a written application, district (city) government led departments carry out field investigation, put forward preliminary examination opinions. After preliminary examination, by the district (city) government led by the Department to organize the implementation subject, owners committee representatives, district (city) the relevant departments and units held a feasibility study, participants comprehensive views of all parties, determine whether to agree with the elevator. Clear consent, the implementation of the main body can work according to law.

(two) preliminary preparation. The implementing entity entrusts the qualified design unit to install the elevator design, and the design unit shall be responsible for the installation design of the elevator. Installation of elevator design should be publicity, publicity period of not less than 10 working days, in the publicity period received objections, the implementation of the main body should reach consensus with the opposition consultation. Implementation of the main body should develop elevator installation, configuration, operation and maintenance programs, and written to solicit the views of the owners.

(three) to go through the formalities. Housing did not reserve the elevator well, the implementation of the main should go to the local planning departments for planning management procedures; may affect or change the water supply, drainage, gas, heating, electricity, communication, fire protection, air defense, lightning protection and other devices, according to the provisions of the relevant administrative departments shall handle the relevant formalities for the relevant construction permit; procedures in accordance with the regulations of construction permits management of building engineering. Elevator installation construction, construction units should go to the district (city) special equipment safety supervision and management departments for elevator construction procedures.

(four) construction acceptance. The implementing entity shall, in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations, carry out construction drawings design, review and other work, and by the elevator manufacturer or its authorized installation of qualified units with elevators. The installation of the elevator after completion of the project, the implementation of the main organization should survey, design and construction and supervision units to participate in the completion of acceptance, and according to the relevant provisions of the district (city) planning departments for the completion of the inspection planning; the project intends to apply for financial subsidies, at the invitation of the Ministry of finance, the construction of the door and to participate in the completion of inspection, the administrative department in charge of construction for the civil construction project completion acceptance formalities. The archives formed by the project shall be transferred to the administrative department of urban construction archives as required. The installation of the elevator must be approved by special equipment inspection and testing institutions supervision and inspection, elevator use units should be put into use before or after 30 days, to the safety supervision and Administration Department of the local special equipment used for registration. Existing residential elevators are not installed for real estate registration procedures, nor in the immovable property certificates or real estate registration notes. If the ownership or use right of the relevant housing changes, the assignor shall inform the assignee of the facts of the installation of the elevator and hand over the relevant information.