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Elevator decoration common sense

Publish: 2016-12-24 14:26:29
      Elevator decoration related knowledge, materials mainly divided into metal, wood, glass, man-made materials.

Metal material: mainly stainless steel plate for car wall, car door, hall door, and door frame decoration. According to the degree of luxury hair board, mirror panels, mirror etching stereotypes, titanium gold plate, gold-plated board, etc..

Wood material: mainly used for car wall, ceiling and floor decoration. Many car wall decoration with wood materials, such as red beech, white beech, black walnut and mahogany wood birdseye, etc.. For star hotels and other decoration requirements of high places. Suspended ceiling for the use of wood materials and car to be consistent. Floor is wood floor. Car upholstery using wood materials require fire treatment, in line with fire inspection standards.

Glass: including glass, mirrors, for car wall decoration. If mirror stainless steel can be used without mirrors.

Artificial materials: mainly refers to the ceiling used with transparent plate, transparent column and other artificial materials. Ceiling is also divided into various grades, with different car decoration. Artificial materials for car handrails are also more. Of course, there are metal and wood materials.

Area measurement problem: users use elevator car interior size, width, depth, height; door frame size, width, height. If the car is not a regular rectangle to draw, the corner measurement accuracy. Door decoration to measure the width and height of the door leaf. With these dimensions, the factory can process the corresponding products.

As for the offer: generally in accordance with user requirements, sub quotes, such as car how much money, how much money door. Each production and decoration companies have their own price positioning. If you act as an agent, add your own profits.

Another point, need to pay attention: Elevator decoration will change the balance coefficient of the elevator. If the user is buying a new elevator, the weight of the decoration should be estimated in advance to tell the elevator factory. If you are using elevator decoration, need to be adjusted by the elevator commissioning personnel.